Two Maids & A Mop

A Maid Service Worth Talking About

Two Maids & A Mop offers 4 different types of housecleaning services. These services include: one-time general cleaning, deep cleaning, move-in/move-out cleaning and regular maintenance. Each one is generally described below.

Design With Time Package
2.5 Hour Only – Perfect for a three bedroom/two bath home that just needs a little TLC. With this cleaning, you will receive a team of two maids for 2.5 hours. This is a 2.5 hour timed cleaning based on your needs.
3 Hour Only – Most people that select this cleaning package fall in love with it because you receive so much value. With this package, you will receive a team of two maids for three hours. In some cases, this package can accomplish many of the same things as a deep cleaning – that’s why so many people decide to utilize the package. This too is a 3 hour time¬†constraint cleaning, and again you customize it.

Top to Bottom Deep Cleaning Package
Our most thorough, most detailed cleaning. A top to bottom cleaning that will leave your home looking cleaner than ever before!! Rates are based on an hourly rate and most deep cleanings require anywhere from 4-7 hours for completion. We do not offer a more detailed cleaning.

Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning
You can expect a lot with this type of cleaning. It really transforms your home almost overnight. This cleaning is perfect for someone that has just sold or bought their home. Remember, a clean house can go a long way in separating your home from the next home on the MLS. This clean will help to enhance the image of your home. And the image of your home goes a long way in determining the value of your home.

Maintenance Touch-Up Package
Most of our customers utilize our services at least once per month. We offer weekly, bimonthly, and monthly. If you schedule for your home to be cleaned at least once per month, you’re getting what we call a “Maintenance Touch-Up Package”. The maintenance touch-up cleaning can be very effective as long as regular service is conducted at your home. If regular service¬†is interrupted, then maintenance cleanings become ineffective. The maintenance cleaning does what it says. It regularly maintains your home so that you have time for more fun and extra family time.