Two Maids & A Mop

A Maid Service Worth Talking About

We Must Protect This House

The Surety Bond
A surety bond covers all thefts from one of our employees inside your
home. You can still convict an individual cleaning person for theft, but if
they don’t have the money – oh well. The only fool proof way to recover
your stolen goods or money is through a company’s surety bond.

The General Liability Policy
A general liability policy takes you out of the loop if anything is broken or
damaged inside your home as a result of an action from one of our
employees. This policy compensates you based on the value of the broken
or damaged item.

Worker’s Compensation Policy
A worker’s compensation policy takes you out of the loop if one of our
employees is injured inside your home while cleaning. This policy
compensates and rehabilitates our employee in case of a workplace injury.
You are not responsible for an injury to one of our employees.