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Two Maids & A Mop


Two Maids is FabulousThank you for providing feedback of our service using the Yelp platform. Unfortunately, the review process is not simple and straightforward. We’ve created a five minute step-by-step process that will allow for your review to be published for the entire globe to read. Believe it or not, you MUST follow these exact steps or your review may not be visible for everyone. We apologize for the five minute process but we’ll make it up to you by giving you $10 off your next TwoMaids cleaning once your review is made public.

#1 Choose Your City













#2 Write Your Review

Write A Review screen

Remember to fill in these two items (really important to go through all steps):

  • Select the amount of stars beside “Select your rating.”
  • Type out your review in the box below.


When you’re finished, click the red “Sign Up and Post” button:


Enter your Yelp Account info into the pop-up that appears and hit the red “Sign Up” button or the blue “Log in” word if you already have a Yelp Account:


If you are a New user, another pop-up will appear (Go ahead and choose your gender and click the red “Save & Continue” button). If you are already a user, skip to the next Step.


Another pop-up will appear and go ahead and click the red “Edit Review” button:


Now, click the red “Sign Up and Post” button one more time:


#3 Verify Your Profile

These next steps are really important and must be followed exactly or your review may not be visible for everyone. We want to send you a $10 TwoMaids Gift Card for making your review public.

Click your Name to go to your Profile:


Click on “Update Your Profile” to edit your profile:


Fill in these seven items in your profiles (really important to include information for all of them). Then click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page (you can skip the other questions not on list below).

  • Name
  • Nickname
  • Gender
  • Your Headline
  • I Love…
  • Find Me In
  • My Hometown

Click on “Add a photo” and upload a photo. This does not have to be a photo of yourself and can be any photo including your favorite beach, sports team or even your pet!

Last Step: Don’t forget to click on the white “Save” button at the bottom of the page after uploading a photo.


Congratulations!  You submitted your review!