Two Maids & A MopTM provides residential cleaning services to
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Ron Holt - CEO - Two Maids And A Mop

My name is Ron Holt and here's how I built one tiny cleaning service into one of the fastest growing cleaning companies in America. The Two Maids & A Mop story began inside a 250 square foot office space on April Fools' Day way back in 2003. In our first year of operations, we cleaned less than one hundred homes and only staffed a few part-time employees. It took the business eighteen months to make its first dollar in profits and took me more than two years to earn my first paycheck. It was a humbling start packed full of desperate moments that nearly forced the business to close its doors on multiple occasions.

After surviving those early days, I decided to get more serious about the long term success of the business. I stumbled onto a great business book called Good to Great by Jim Collins. The book taught me that almost every successful company shares one common trait: they all have a vision for success that permeates throughout the company; from the CEO to the janitor. So, I created a vision to become the nation's fastest growing, most innovative residential cleaning company in America.

This was a bold statement that probably made very little sense to those initial employees. But over time, the vision started making sense and allowed us to start measuring our success in a practical manner. Hopefully you'll hire us to clean your home, but if you don't...please remember this little nugget of business wisdom: Having a true vision for your business does not guarantee success but one thing is certain... you are going to fail without one.

The business really started to grow fast in 2005. We opened two additional stores along the gulf coast of Florida and I started to dream pretty big about the business' potential. The vision was really starting to become a reality and then our results started to disappoint because each individual office was acting so differently than one another. Enter another great business book to the rescue. I picked up a copy of a book called The E-Myth by Michael Gerber. The book taught me that great businesses are able to scale by using systems. This is pretty common sense stuff but the book was groundbreaking for me. I was active in almost every task within the business and my days were crazy. This all felt right because I was working hard, but The E-Myth taught me that great systems create great businesses. So, I started to document every system that worked and built our first operations manual. All of a sudden, customers started loving us again because we were able to produce extremely uniform results; no matter of the office location. The systems started running the business instead of me running the business. Once the systems took over, we started thinking really big. Between 2009 - 2015, we opened more than a dozen new stores across five southeastern US states. We employed more than 200 employees and served nearly 500 customers on a daily basis.

Our story started picking up steam nationally and major publications profiled our business' story. In fact, our rags to riches story has been chronicled in national magazines such as Entrepreneur Magazine, Better Homes & Garden, Success Magazine, CNN Money, Yahoo News and even CNBC. And for the past three consecutive years, Two Maids & A Mop has been recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing cleaning companies in the entire country.

Today, we serve 60 markets across the country and are proud to call Birmingham, AL our home. The Birmingham business community has recognized our company as one of the most respected business in the region. Over the last few years, our company has received tons of local publicity; ranging from being named one of the Top Entrepreneurs by the Birmingham Business Journal to the Top CEO by the Birmingham Business Alliance. One of the more exciting accomplishments locally was highlighted by the after our company was named the 7th fastest growing business in the entire state of Alabama.

We love Birmingham and are proud to call it our home-town. It's been an amazing journey and I sometimes get chill bumps just thinking about the crazy amount of success that we've attained since those early days. We're no longer working inside that tiny 250 square foot office space but we're the same exact people. We care deeply about providing a great experience for you and hope that our story provides you with the same type of chill bumps that we get every time we think about the journey. Thanks so much for taking a stroll down memory lane and I hope that you give us a shot to impress you.