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I’m Curt Richardson, the proud owner of Two Maids & A Mop of Columbus. My story dates back to my days in southwest Georgia, where I was raised to be a hard worker and a family man. I took those roles very seriously and jumped immediately into the real world after my high school graduation. My first job was inside a paper mill where I worked in extremely hot and humid environments every single day. The days turned into nights as my shift work rotated weekly. It was a tough gig but my calling was to be a hard worker, so I didn't think much about it.

My life shifted once my daughter was born and all my focus switched to her. My hard-work roots were still inside me, but I longed for more time with her. I felt somewhat trapped because I knew that my hard work inside the paper mill was creating opportunity for my family, but time was slipping by and I knew that I wanted to enjoy my daughter. Then one day I realized that I could combine both of my passions into one amazing venture called Two Maids & A Mop.

This business represents everything that I've ever dreamed. It truly is my own American dream come true. I get to work my tail off like always, and I get to go home to see my daughter every single night. I'm so glad that I was awarded the Two Maids & A Mop franchise.

You have my word that our service to you will be different than other cleaning services. This business means too much to me and I will not let you down. I guarantee that you'll receive an exceptional service that is unmatched by any other maid service in Columbus.

Thanks for hearing my story and I hope to personally thank you one day for allowing us into your home.

Get to Know Your Two Maids & A Mop Columbus Manager, Faith Patterson

Faith Patterson | Manager at Two Maids & A Mop Columbus

Where are you from?
Columbus, Georgia

What's the main reason you work here?
I enjoy making people happy and I enjoy working with a variety of new and exciting people every day.

If you didn't work here, what would you do instead?
Either at home with my baby or working in retail helping people, because that's what I love to do!

What's your philosophy on customer service?
Giving someone the complete experience, putting that client/customer first & making sure they are completely satisfied.

What are you most proud of?
I am truly proud of myself for becoming who I am today & very thankful for my 3 children. Showing them & being a role model for them is the best thing ever!