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Hello there, I’m Mari Millard, the owner and manager of the maid service team at Two Maids & A Mop serving Hilton Head, SC!

The desire of becoming a company owner began at an early age for me. While my pals were playing Barbie, I was playing office. From our family room, my corporate office operated – a card table, outdated phone, manila files, and the stock section of the newspaper. I would yell commands to my imagined aide. The stakes were enormous, and my assistant would be fired every day, but my aim was to manage a lucrative and successful firm.

As I evolved into the corporate world, most of my time was committed to developing and expanding teams. I took on big projects for demanding managers, worked hard, and my job was frequently grueling - coming in each day pushing team performance. Then each day began to feel the same. It was hard to remain inspired, and much more so, to urge others to keep going. Fast-forward more than thirty years later and my goal was finally achieved. After evaluating many other business possibilities, I discovered an incredible opportunity in the maid service market and chose to join Two Maids & A Mop.

As I established my home in their Hilton Head, SC office, I started to apply my experience to my new company. Today, I’m pleased to be able to assist my team develop and provide them the chance to earn more via our Pay-Per-Performance plan. By recognizing and thanking them for their work and dedication, our team is able to give our customers the greatest service in the region. In addition to our great customer service and client retention, it delights me to know we are also able to give back to the community.

At Two Maids and A Mop, we are working with Cleaning for a Cause and will be providing our maid service to ladies who are getting treatment for cancer. We’re thrilled to be part of the Beaufort County community and hope that you give us a chance to deliver your next professional home cleaning!

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