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It was fantastic. Best $240 I’ve ever spent and will be using it again. I’m so happy I went this route.
Rebecca Jackson
Lexington, KY
Mary Ritchey
My house looks a million times better. The people that cleaned my house are miracle workers. My stress level has definitely decreased.
Alicia Whitaker
The two young women who cleaned my house were both professional and, more importantly, thorough. I couldn’t believe it was the same place when they were done! I’m so appreciative of them and grateful for their hard work!
Lana Hahn
The teams are always reliable and conscientious. I love the communication between Christina and me. I always know when the team is coming and know they will do a good job!
Cynthia Kirk
I work here it's an awesome place to work we give excellent service and also have cleaning for a reason for ppl who are terminally I'll
Eileen Phillips
So impressed with the service and quality of the clean! We recently got a dog and they take such are to ensure the floors, carpet, and furniture is fur free. Ruth and Kim did a great job!