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Owner | Two Maids & A Mop Nashville

We are family owned business started in 2014 and run by Jim Sr. and Jim Jr. We love the idea of being able to work together as father and son and Two Maids & A Mop was the perfect fit for us to start our own business. 

In our wildest dreams we never thought we’d open a cleaning business, but here we are and we couldn’t be happier. We are proud of the reputation we’ve built and we fully realize there’s no way we could do it without our dedicated staff. We have a great group of folks who are service minded and truly do their best to deliver great service. We think of and try to run our business as a family and we hope that is reflected in the services we provide.

We are dedicated to providing all of our customer’s affordable service that is performed beyond expectation. We commit to providing the highest level of service to handle their cleaning needs.We love the idea of giving our customers back one of their most cherished resources, their time! We hope that you give us the opportunity to provide your next professional house cleaning!

Get to Know Your Two Maids & A Mop Nashville Manager, Whitney Harris

Whitney Harris | Manager at Two Maids & A Mop Nashville

Where are you from?

What's the main reason you work here?
I love the culture of our company, the work/life balance, our clients & my teams.

If you didn't work here, what would you do instead?
Travel the world.

What's your philosophy on customer service?
"Always be honest and kind"

What are you most proud of?
We love our partnership with Cleaning For A Reason. Helping clients battling cancer with free house cleanings is an amazing thing we do at Two Maids!