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About Two Maids & A Mop Reno

My best friend and I had always wanted to start a business together. We came from the trucking industry, driving as a team and then moving into the office as dispatchers. We knew that we didn't really want to own a truck for a lot of reasons, and Mike was always looking for a business where we could help people a bit more directly than hauling things from Point A to Point B. Before we could settle on something, Mike passed away, leaving me with a rather rude wake-up call. I couldn't keep just coasting like we both had been.

Almost as if it were ordained, that week when I was looking for businesses to open that Mike would be proud of, I found Two Maids.

I knew instantly that I had a winner. Mike and I were always wanting something where we could give people back more of their lives, and that's exactly what we do here. It's not about cleaning a house, it's about freeing up more time for parents to spend with their kids, boyfriends and girlfriends to spend more time with each other, spouses to enjoy a quiet night after work, and not have to rock-paper-scissor over who needs to wipe the cabinet down while the other one scrubs the toilet.

I also knew that we had a winner with the Pay for Performance model, which Mike would have loved. He and I were always looking for ways to make sure that the drivers we had were rewarded for doing a good job.

We both moved here from out of state, because we love Reno. We love the city, the views, the culture, the people, all of it. I look forward to get a chance to prove to you that with us, you can enjoy more of it, and your family time.