What Our Clients Say

Kayleigh and Alayna did a great job cleaning my house today!!! Thank you very much
Jonathan Smith
Spokane, WA
Rebecca Harrell
I’ve had great experiences working with this company and especially the cleaners Delores and Jorge! They do a great job.
Erin Pearce
My clean this week by Kayleigh and Alayna was great! They do a thorough job, always pleasant and professional.
tricia fanning
Kelsey and Danielle did a wonderful job cleaning my home! As a full time working mom while also homeschooling my kids, having the cleaning and scrubbing done is the best gift I’ve given myself.
M Webb
Kay Leigh and, Alayna do great work. Always on time. Hope they get the bonus
Jennine M
Alayna and Rebecca were so friendly and professional, like all the cleaners we've had. They did a really thorough job and my house is super clean!